Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A few minutes to spare

Here are some random pics of the kids
Such pretty girls, but goofy Chase in the back
This combination usually doesn't mix very well

Miranda and Bailey

Cuddlin Kenna

Miranda on her way to Homecoming

Kenna up in the snow

Caya was a cheerleader for Halloween

Hangin out at the house

She's so friggin pretty

Jeff and I up in the snow

Here are some pics that I took a month or two ago of all of the kids when we went to Grasshopper Pointe.

Randi and I

Sisterly love

Pretty girl Kenna

Looks like Chase is standing on Jeff's head, huh?

Trevor in his GQ pose

Here's the whole family

Me & my mini-me

Kenna and Bailey

Father and son maybe???

Lost in thought

My Chaser

Mommy and Caya

Gotta pose for the camera, huh Caya?

All 5 of the kids with me at the end.

My crew plus Miranda's friend Bailey

Nothing too exciting going on ... I guess. The kids are certainly keeping me busy ... especially the teenagers. Chase and Trevor are awaiting a date for their orthodontist appt where both of them will be getting braces. Somehow, they are thrilled about this. McKenna is getting WAY too big too. I had to go to the store and buy her an actual bra a few weeks ago!! What is that all about??!! Caya is her usual self ... dramatic, angry and loving. LOL Miranda is making me crazy though. Yesterday she decided to take her sisters to the lake ... without permission. They are on spring break, so they started texting and calling me to ask if they could go with Miranda's friends to the lake. One small problem .... I am in a meeting and don't have my phone. Jeff is at home in bed, but they don't ask him ... they just leave. I get back to my desk to find 3 missed phone calls, 1 voice mail and 11 texts. The texts start off with asking for permission to go and then quickly changes to Miranda telling me that she's going with her friends and taking the girls and not to freak out. She had very good intentions, but she went about it all wrong. I think it's sweet that she wanted to take her sisters out with her for a day at the lake, but I didn't give her permission to be out with 4 of her friends at the lake. Needless to say, Miranda is grounded ... AGAIN!

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debi9kids said...

You have such a beautiful family and I have to add...with GORGEOUS HAIR! Every one of you has a beautiful head of hair ;)