Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Relax??!! What is that?

I don't know if I'm ever going to have a few moments to breathe!! With Jeff working the graveyard shift and the two little girls being in sports, it's insane! Caya is in cheer and has practices on Wednesday nights. Kenna is in volleyball and has practice Monday nights. The "ex" is the one that signed them up, but I'm the one that has to play taxi. How the heck does that work? LOL Of course, it just so happens that they both have games on Saturdays too. Go figure. Perfect example ... this weekend, Caya has a game AND team pictures, then we go to Kenna's game AND team pictures. After that, we go to my brother's for my nephew Zane's birthday and then after that ... Trick or treat!!! Serious!!!?? Aren't weekends for relaxing? That is soooooo not the case for me ... never has been. The summers are the worst because I think 95% of our family was born in the summer.

Take all of that and combine it with finding out that my oldest daughter has informed us that she was drinking at school again. WTF??!!!!!! Grounded again. I don't know what to do with her anymore. We've taken everything away and she's done the whole grounded thing already and it obviously didn't work, so what now? What do you do to a 16-yr old girl that just doesn't seem to have any idea what common sense is? We have nothing else to take away from her. I'm at a total loss on this one!!!

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Bre said...

But what about the committment she just made by being baptized????? I would definitely pull the guilt card on this one. She needs to go to her pastor or whoever at church and step up for her wrong doings.
And wow....I thought I was busy! You better not be too busy for me while I'm there :o)