Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I know, I know ... I am so horrible at this blogging thing. It's been like 3 months since I've posted anything, so here I am.

Here is a pretty recent pic of the crew ... in the middle of Taco bell no less. LOL Everyone is doing really well (knock on wood). Trevor (back left) is in 8th grade and his normal silly self. We finally got him to cut about 4 inches off of his hair so he looks more like a young man and not a blue-eyed girl. I'll see if I can get a more recent pic of it posted on here somehow. Chase (back right) is in 8th grade as well. He broke his foot in 3 places over the summer from skateboarding, but has healed and is of course ... back on the dreaded skateboard. Caya (front left) is in 3rd grade this year and cruising right along. She's finally seeing what school is all about with homework and harder material to conquer. Miranda (front row, center) is a typical 16 yr old teenager. I don't know how she grew up so quickly, but I'm trying to adjust. She's very into boys and also in church. She's going to try out for the worship team at our church this weekend, so she's pretty nervous. McKenna (front right) is in 5th grade this year but acts like she's a Senior. LOL She wants to grow up so fast and keeping her little feet on the ground is becoming pretty challenging.

Jeff and I are doing well. I finally got a new job that I love and I plan on staying there for a long time. Jeff just recently accepted a new position as a supervisor, which is awesome, with the exception of the fact that it's still nights. He'll be working Mon - Fri from 9 pm until like 7am which means I'll actually get to see him when I get home from work instead of missing each other all the way around, like we are now. He'll actually be able to eat dinner with us and everything!!! LOL I guess these are the things we do for our families and the sacrifices we go through to make things work.

I will try very hard to keep this updated and the posts a little more current. Til then ... take care everyone!!

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Bre said...

Hey there.....I will try to get ahold of you somehow. I'll be coming to AZ at the beginning of November...we have to get together!