Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back

So, it's been forever since I've been on here ... I'll try to see if I can do some catching up. Jeff (hubby) is now working nights, which truly sucks big time! He starts at 4:30 and I get off work at 5, so I'm home with everyone by myself every night. My family has been incredibely amazing at helping out and helping to keep me around adults when I'm off of work. I end up spending a lot of time at my mom's house or at my brother's. Jeff working nights has definitely put a strain on our relationship, but we're trying everything in our power to keep it together. We both knew that it was a sacrifice we had to make to help us pay our bills, so here we are.

The kids are currently on summer break, so the whole family is trying to keep them occupied so they don't call me every 5 minutes. McKenna just turned 10 last Friday, so we had her birthday party this last weekend. Caya turned 8 in April and is still as cute and feisty as ever. Trevor is still just a really great kid and so easy to take care of. Chase is currently sporting a red cast due to a little mishap on his skateboard 2 weeks ago that broke his foot in 2 places. He hates being on crutches, but he's hangin in there. Miranda ............ where do I begin with her??? The last week of school, we found out she had been drinking AT school and at home. She had a couple "friends" that thought it would be a good idea to try to get away with drinking at school ... they got caught. We're working with her on that on top of trying to deal with the fact that her dad's girlfriend has a son Miranda's age that decided to touch her inappropriately while she was sleeping at the house. Good grief!!! What a mess!! We've gotten her really involved with the youth group at church and she's even going to church camp next week.

It's been a rough ride lately but we've got a lot of family and friends praying for us and offering help and advice.

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