Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The joy of total and complete insanity

Looking back at my first post, I realized how morose it sounded and how much it showed the darker side of my life, which very few people see. That is NOT me very often ...... I don't have time. LOL

My life tends to be more of a maelstrom of activity ...... constantly. My oldest daughter (14) is in high school and has discovered a desire to be more involved in things. She has just started volleyball, which practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then has a game on Saturdays. My two little girls (8 and 6), have just joined a soccer team and are thankfully on the same team. They also practice on Tues. and Thurs. and have games on Saturdays. My son (11) continues to play baseball and has practice on Mondays or Wednesdays (sometimes both) and plays not 1, but 2 games a week, usually on Fridays and Saturdays. My husband also plays softball on Friday nights and is currently playing 3 games every Friday. So, between playing taxi for everyone for their games and making sure that everyone is where they belong, I obviously don't have a whole lot of time to dwell on much. LOL I do have to admit though that I absolutely LOVE seeing them out there doing what they love and watching them learn teamwork and how to interact with these other children. It's stressful sometimes though.

I've already given you tidbits of info on my kids and husband, so let me introduce you to the bulk of my family ..... my kids.

My son (Chase - 11) has obviously been given the gift of anger and attitude from his father (the ex). He can be the sweetest and most loving little boy you've ever met in your life. He tends to be a tad overly sensitive at times (another gift from dad), but we're trying to break him of that. Chase has a hard time understanding that he has to suffer consequences when he messes up and has to accept responsibility for his actions also. His mouth tends to write checks his rear can't cash, so to speak. LOL Him and my husband clash in a very very big way. For that matter, Chase clashes with a lot of people, but he's my "only" little boy. : )

Miranda (the high schooler - 14) is a very witty and intelligent girl. She's got the most contagious laugh and she's gorgeous .... thankfully, she isn't quite aware of that though. LOL She is ADHD, so she tends to be quite a challenge as well. She does take medication to help her maintain and stay focused during the day. Unfortunately, after 8 years of taking that medication, she still can't remember to take them on a daily basis without being reminded. Being the oldest child, I expect more of her than she's willing to give.

Trevor (step-son - 12) seems to be a touch ADD also in my opinion but my opinion doesn't matter much with his mom. LOL He's a wonderful kid and fit right in with my kids from the very beginning. I expected him to have a hard time since he was an only child and doted on by both of his parents. He shares his dad very well though with my kids. The biggest issue we tend to have with him is that he has a bad habit of lying. Other than that though, he's a wonderful little boy with more girlfriends that we can keep up with. (He's got his dad's charm and wit.)

My little girl, McKenna (8) has got to be the easiest child in the world to deal with. She was a piece of cake to deal with from day one. She seems to be under the impression that she's much older than her 8 years though. LOL I'm constantly being asked when she can shave her legs and when she can have a cell phone. There tends to be attitude on occasion, but it usually blows over fairly quickly. She's my Kenna and my little mommy. She rides the older kids like she's their mom and tries to tell them what to do all the time.

Where do I even start with Caya (the baby - 6)? She was my hardest pregnancy, my unhappiest baby and the moodiest 6 yr old I've ever seen. She's my baby though. LOL Her favorite character is Tinkerbell, which suits her right to the ground. Super super cute and so sweet one minute and then screaming and throwing a tantrum the next. I don't know how many times I've heard her utter the words (whining & screaming) "I KNEW today wasn't going to be a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!", while I watch her storm into her bedroom.

So ........ welcome to my world. The joy has only just begun. LOL Through all of these ramblings, I'm sure you'll hear more about my kids and husband and about my mom, 2 brothers and their wives and kids. You'll also hear stories about my 2 absolute best friends and the expeditions we take and have taken in the past. You'll also hear about things that drive me crazy and maybe a little insight into who I am and where I come from.

I think I will learn to REALLY enjoy this blogging thing. : )


Debbie said...

I so feel your pain.lol. You sound like your living my life but with different wallpaper. Blogging is almost theraputic and it seems to be addicting. There are worse things to be addicted to :)

Debbie said...

In response to your question: If you sign into Blogger.com and click on the template button under page elements, click on add an element. You can add what ever elements you want. I am slowly adding all the sites I like to go to. Hope that helps. :)